working for an "established thought leader"

New Sirius/XM-targeted Radio Show Needs Experienced Syndicated Co-Host

An established thought leader with global media exposure in the neuroscience world has been asked to pitch a show idea for eventual syndication---but needs a fellow ground-breaking and successful co-host in the radio industry to partner with in the launch. Content area open, but needs to be willing to use it to create engaging dialogues w/a "brain guy" around human concerns, issues, decisions, relationships, problems,etc. Best to be humorous, cutting edge, provocative and edgy. An established listener base a plus. Contact (
  • Compensation: negotiated
  • This is a part-time job.
To work for an "established thought leader' would be a dream come true for me.
I'm a cog.
I help the machine run by doing my job.
To be in an industry where thoughts are the commodity produced in the factory you work at?
Pinch me.
I would bring the exploits of a neanderthal to your program.
I'm the leading Neanderthal Philosopher of our time.
I have been doing a fact-finding mission for the last 30 years or so and reporting back the the elder species on this planet.
It's time we shared our analysis with you cro-magnons.
I worked in your schools, your corporations and even a government job or two.
I smell the unmistakeable scent of hubris on this post.
I can keep your program from failing the way so many of these cultish ego-fests fail by offerinf humorous counter programming.
I speak truth to power.'
My bulshit detectors have been field tested by the most critical of audiences and I know the fine line between clown and visionary.
Like a Neandethal johnny Cash I walk that line.
I'm all about ideas and this world sorely neeeds them.
Lets make a place where it happens,
I don't need my name on the door, but I'd love to shoot you ideas while you are on the air like Jackie Martling did
before Howard Stern became a masturbatory cliche'
I documented the living hell that I lived on teh edges of this land of prrortunity here
you would be getting a modern day bukwoski/hunterSthompson freak of thought that could be a very interesting dynamic every now and then.
I have a pretty fair idea how life goes.
As i approach a half century of existence i feel compelled to share my Neanderthla wisdom, such as it is.
Besides, the Yeti told me to ad he is no one to be trifiled with.
Let me know when you want to get to work.
Don't miss this chance to really think outside the box.
Thought-provoking hilarity garunteed, or your money back!

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