bakery consultant

i was working at a cure little bakery which needed help.....

on my job app i put "prep-savior" in the "job-desired  space.....

she needed someone to do exactly as she instructed the
i told her of my out-dated skills but confidence that i can do the job.

then i said i didn't want just another job where the boss needs someone to yell at
but we got thru a busy night

mostly because she was on skates between the bakery making pizzas upstairs and desserts and split checks that she was to busy to really nit pick
that's  her thing
alpha female ownership syndrome
where every issue ends the same way
do as i say because i'm the boss
which is fine

but when quanties change on a daily basis, too much potato salad, not enough potato salad, cut it thinner, that's too thin, when the training is ad hoc and often contradictory....

thats fine too
shes the boss

so after the busy night
after 12 hours on the clock
i come in for my shift the next day and the dishwasher tells me to calm down because i'm the "whipping-boy"

that's where i draw the line right there.

sorry gregg allman
i will sing a duet with you about how it sucks to be tied to a whipping post and what it feels like
but i'm on some other thing now

i woke up thinking  about how to help her business grow
i jotted down some ideas
i think they could all workout great
but not when i am in the role of whipping boy

the cafe is perfect for a more chill  spot to hang out and work on some stuff in a quiet place you can hang out in for a few hours with lightning fast internet and great coffee
we would have to start out with a coffee of the week and feature that or our home roasted tpe, which we always will hhave

and each week we will invite different roasters to maybe have a featured coffee of the week and maybe do a little speech you could advertise for free on craigslist

you could put a cart in the parking-lot on nice days especially if you had a big urn and specialized in refilling travel mugs with great coffee
selling them in advance 8 cups for 12 bucks in your reuseable mug
we could offer dog water in a dish and a hose for poeple who wanted their cups rinsed
\this is the place and the  front of the bakery where people could pop in and out if they wanted to.

thats just one of the ideas
i have a couple more in my notebook which i left at work
i will add to this story every day and look for my new website coming soon.

this is the one baybee!
i say it every time

here is the next contest
make these lyrics part of your song and share it at ann open mike
im going to work on it and the other one i did with alia and work on them at different open mikes every week or so.
theres people i need to mess with on a creative level out there

so this is a paraphrase of the lyrics that are sitting on the counter at the restaurant

its the starting point of something?
its about being greatful for beauty in your life
and the feeling when you really feel in sync with things
when the ideas start flowing
when that happens i have to get it out there in the world

so heres the lyrics

thank you much green mother for the beauty in my life,
green mother let me marry you and make you my green wife.

green is the color of cold water kissed with pure sunshine,
green mother let me use my words to further your design....

something like that maybe
it seems fun now
i will stat a new site about this pursuit, call it the music idea and i will spend 2-3 hours pursuing this idea and putting it out there and definitely be singing on my birthday when i turn 50

maybe in a barn somewhere on halloween

i thought it might be fun

thats the second job i want to start planning
im just looking for the right place to throw a party

the third issue is actually the first issue and that's getting the magazine together
im going to set up an interview with a millionaire and ask how he did it and have him maybe mentor me a little on the side, ill ask him how to do things with a real business edge to them and then i will sketch out one or two million dollar ideas i have where i help people be better at what they do.......

so that's three jobs not even counting the hello kitty popcorn for commuters party on the subway
maybe that's a party there?
that's one to plan
maybe on the same night as a fringe festival thing or concurrently with it, fringe on public transportation party.
a party at a few different spots in the city where we travel by subway and cook popcorn or the passengers

this popcorn sponsored by... ..  see if Kenzinger wants to back one of these with people on the subway wrangling party goers with some tweeters in the loop to make it big
tweets from who?
thats another partner
 some tweeter party guy
thats my first hire
i need a tweeter guy

that i can send tweets to a few times and help him build a following
or her

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