Walt Asnar's Nightmare

     I met a dude named Walter Asnar at a bar in Boston.  He was doing some soul-searching at the bottom of a glass of scotch.  Good Scotch.  Top shelf.  He thinks he works for the devil.  His job is to help big pharma make even more money.  Here's a little part of his companies website...

Key pharma imperatives

Today’s global brands face a challenging world: fierce competition, increased erosion from generic medicines and reduced flexibility on pricing. At the same time, they must contribute higher growth to close gaps in portfolios due to patent expiries and limited pipelines. Consider the imperative to:
  • Make brands more productive
  • Expand to pharmerging markets
  • Ensure brand/commercial operations are future-fit for evolving markets

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  1. this was a telephone false solicitation job looking to price shop hotels best prices.... it had me up in the middle of the night calling asia
    i liked calling the italians best
    they just didn't care
    you could her the disdain for their job in their voices
    they always sounded happy though
    i kept flirting with women
    its how i am in the middle of the night i guess
    this was when i lived in the house with no screens and sometimes the fan kept them at bay
    sometimes i would catch dengue
    the adventure of third world living!
    so that was fun three days in a hammock