perfection.... (a poem)

contemplationg perfection humbles you
its all around
you trip over perfect little schemes, flowers, moments
iperfect little moments that make breathing seem less insane
hiccups of joy that keep the abyss at bay

slices of heaven
  all you need is a little slice of heaven for a truly balanced diet
save some heaven for the rest of us
don't be a bliss hog

thats why the retards have it right
smiling all day
untroubled by modern problems
complications of life

how long is it before lobotomies are the hottest elective surgery?
i trust the sun to work out all these details in the end
i trust simplicity
a complex society like ours full of hubris and blather
built on the faulty assumptions of clever monkeys

teetering on the edge of a new beginning
once mother nature cleans house and starts again
i wonder who will be on top next time?
the dinosaurs had a good run...

us monkeys cant see beyond our own tree
cant see the edges of the forest 
the last moneky will still be flinging feces at the world from his cage
thats what monkeys do
you can put 'em in a tuxedo
but you can't stop the poo flinging
its what we do

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