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Posted: 2013-06-28, 12:33PM EDT

 NEW Pizzeria Needs MORE HELP! (Shillington, Pa)

Newly opened pizzeria is looking for experienced help!

Currently interviewing for ALL the following positions:

Counter - Duties include answer phones, greet customers, take orders correctly, cash handling, sweep and mop, etc

Sandwich/Grill Cook - Prep all ingredients needed, prepare all hot and cold orders that come in from customers

Delivery driver (Ladies - this is NOT a male only position!!) Help with other duties in between deliveries E.G. Fold pizza boxes etc. Market the new pizzeria with menus. Deliver food orders promptly and politely to the customers door. Handle cash ETC.

EXP preferred, but if you are a stellar candidate it is not needed. You MUST be a energetic, motivated self starter that wants to see task through to the end! MUST be able to work week ends. Part time / full time positions available.
Please reply with a little about your self and your current availability along with the best way to contact you. Only need to apply one time.i did this in college at Mama delight pizza in kutztown where i made the food and then delivered it

i ran a pool snack bar in philly
i was a sous chef in training before I became the greatest bartender in the world
im trying to line up a job for football season so i would need sundays and mondays off

i would rather make cheesestaks and pizzas than cut grass
i do some freelance writing when people want to pay me my rate

I need a stream of income for when they dont want to pay me (like now)

i am a barrel of laughs, serious about quality and fast and efficient

i could also be a fantastic counter person

get back to me if you are interested

im heading to philly for the weekend but I will be back on monday if you havent found someone of my caliber

(you wont)

i REALLY need to get some cash flowing in and I am able to do 15 things at once from my TGI Friday days.
I don't get flustered and thrive in busy situations

I am 49 years old with a college degree and I moved back to my parents farm because they are getting old
this will be my fun money

i am attaching a picture because its funny to do so
Id like to work three days a week for you any three except sunday

you can call me at 610-787-7773 tonite or on my cell at 215-489-8888 over the weekend

dont think of me as an old fat loser because i am earning money for writing and thats what I have always wanted to do

im just not doing enough of it....

Think of me as your day off, think of me as your future assistant manager in charge of menu development because i am a vegetarian and im always messing around with different combos.

people dont want to eat the same old thing all the time so instead of doing chinese the next day they may call you for the vegetarian dee-lite

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  1. they didn't call im so sad... I did this job at one of the colleges I worked at where I discovered rugby,,, the smell of the fryer and of the oily melted cheese really sticks to your hair and clothing... the smell of animal fats... the smell of the top of the food chain,,, I would never lie in an email concerning a job, I meant what I said and I want to provide future employers with a REAL peak into what kind of employee they will be getting if they get into the harrybakerbusiness...
    it is not for the faint-hearted
    I am working on being a background singer but the damn spotlight keeps following me around, like that old vaudeville skit where dude has a broom and hes trying to sweep away the light unsuccessfully...