If I had a cute little 18th century farmhouse that I was serving meals in that had a bakery upstairs we would be chasing the local lunch business meeting dollar....

IDEA ONE- use the local resources-

invite the head bankers to dinner, people from the municipal building across the street,.., the teachers up the street  RSVP! limited seating, count the seats in the room, invite that many keep track of the RSVPs on the facebook page......

invite them to a tasting lunch to demonstrate the menu and see the room and ask them what kind of soups they want you too cook for them for thier meeting
make the lunch focus soups and things that go with soup
have a soup month with a soup of the week or two if you are ambitious
put the young chef in charge of one soup, put the salad guy in charge of another... maybe the owner makes one...  it looks like you could fit three different soups in the thing you have out front

REAL LIFE BIZ SUCCESS STORY- i saw how a well run cafe is done featuring rotating soups.....
a mother and daughter combo and it was a small place and felt homey, you could make the front room homier and more informal during the AM.  this mother and daughter were always busy ......that was part of the fun....   Soups sell and are mostly water and that means money.....  Have a PHO week

 phase out hot sandwiches at lunch unless it is roast pork ( from a pot) on great bread or roast beef....  make  corned beef and cabbage specials when the corned beef gets old like it is now.....  that could be a soup corned beef and cabbage soup....

IDEA 2-  turn the front of the house into a gallery, hang some things from the walls and make a commission from them when they sell with free coffee and any wine or beer they bring along and have someone ready to cook some limited menu for them if they get hungry for something else other than appetizers which feature your day old but still tasty bread paired with hummus, toasted crostinis with fresh tomato on top, have someone circulate with appetizers on a tray who is talking about them and the recipe insteadd of just putting them on a table for people to attack...  you have to educate them so they can talk about how great it is to their friends by BEING NEW, and having fresh ideas.....

IDEA 3- if this is such a center of perfection then it is very zen and that perfection much go all the way thru the place...  if less than perfect is unacceptable.....  since that seems to be your operating principle...  " then you need to:

     1. find a way to consistently roast the coffee BEFORE you take off on the anti starbucks quest....

              signs on the road like burmashave slogans.....  why buy your coffee from a corporation whey you
               get bread from a REAL LOCAL bread artist, coffee from a  coffee artist, soup from a soup artist
                in our gallery coffee shop...............  burma shave.....  i can write the amusing signs burma shave
                style and one of the things we can talk about at the biz meeting with the municipal people is
                what are the limits to signage?  do they have to come down at night?  what are the rules?

      2.  get a slogan for the website and email campaign, something along the lines of perfection and fresh and
           art....   or have a contest on facebook... ask the world to describe their experience...  we are too
            busy focussing on perfect food ... or pay me to come up with some kind of synthesis at my creative
            writing rate.....


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