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Looking for a creative copywriter to help us out with writing creative content for our e-commerce websites. Work includes writing the whole sliders/sales/titles on the website and also choosing names for the products. There is an availability to also write blog posts for the website, but we are mainly focusing on more

Cover Letter

THIS IS SOLIDLY IN MY WHEELHOUSE BOTH COMMITMENT WISE AND ATTENTION SPAN .... I HAVE TEN HOURS OF ENGLISH SCHOOL OBLIGATIONS, THIS GIVES ME BALANCE AND A BREAK FROM BABY ENGLISH AND A CHANCE TO USE MY INCREDIBLY ECCENTRIC NEURONS FOR YOUR LUCKY COMPANY. you get- - daily facebook messages, -one of a kind genius created content- check out also myclipfile.blogspot has catalog work i am going to take it live this month, this weekend in fact with one of my english classes for sensitive and serious mexican english students.... as one of my other bosses i will be talking with them about their best ideas obviously splitting the money with the best idea , and throw a karaoke parties for them... its a legendary business undertaking and soon to be a musical hiring me is like hiring a mexican talent agency because i have three dancers in school and more in the pipeline.... all are socail media active people who might be interested in supporting anything i am doing with their friend networks... less

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