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Subject: money maker in this email
Date: Sunday, April 7, 2013, 11:47 PM

Fitness is everywhere. Just give me a stage. A platform. We will call it Before Picture Fitness with FLABBIO.
every job i apply for wants clean cut,,,,I cant stand these jerks that want me to get a hair cut! who do they think they are?
My finess goal is to play rugby after age 50 like one of my heros did. My shoulders are screwed. I quit playing rugby when my fingers kept going numb.
I was able to play top level rugby for 20 years between knee surgeries and it defined me. Without it I feel like i'm missing out, that life is stale.
Heres what you get with Before Picture Fitness by Flabbio.
A dedicated man with alot of knowledge about what works for his body and what it takes to get it working again.
A hilarious dude, non stop commentary starting with with very basic yoga stretching, nutrition advice, and maybe questions about relationships that viewers can tweet in.
I will be 50 in December. What I don't have is someone to film me working out. I plan to ddo a nice 20 minute power yoga work out to warm up and thats pretty funn to see because im pretty unflexible right now.
What i bring to the table is a starting pace for the beginners and a very peculiar bit of eye candy in the whole FLABBIO persona that is both weirdly sexy and helpful and informative.
I think that it would be even funnier to do characters, kind of a gil girad/arnold scharzenegger accent when im FLabbio and then a more california all dudes and manns when im doing the yoga warm up and then whatever else comes to mind....
lack of fitness is not funny
i will be addressing it anyway
why not make a few bucks off it in the meantime?
the camera loves me and i am a natural showman
i dont know if anyone is doing anything remotely like this, but ive got a ton of life fitness expertise, millions of hilarious thoughts about how the world works and the inclination to blog and youtube the bejeezus out of it because the idea that I would be selling ME and working for myself has a huge appeal to me.
one show could be all about how to get a workout while at work by flewing and clenching your abs and glutes and some of the charles atlas stuff thats fun to do for a quick pump.
and if you really want to get funky i could pop in of other fitness hosts workouts and see how it works for me and ask alot of questions that a novice would, unless i know a little about it....
i used to do 72 situps in a minute and can plank for days.....
maybe a plank spot of the week? who knows, im ready to start now!
further, i have an assistant principal that I used to work with who is all about the kids and we may be able to throw together a school fitness minute or something interesting and helpful like that.....
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