Haikus of Stemware.
Fingers ballet,  on keyboard

You should buy these cups
They are really, really nice.
Imported with LOVE.

I love challenges.  Please peruse my use of humor in this office depot catalog.  Often times the humor of the product is hidden to the untrained eye.  Sometimes I get all novelistic on the product. 

I write to make people chuckle at work.   People who have buying power often appreciate having their work day enhanced with my wide variety of bizarre product descriptions.  I will be famous some day and you will own the copyright to any FRUIT FROM THIS HUMOR TREE.  I get great idea when i push my brain to earn.  I would be happy to do an entry about working for you on my blog for further help in your lawsuit about my word fruit,  that sounds like a song to me....

I am not going to stop writing anytime soon, you are helping an word artist out who is living the dream in Mexico and alI hope you read the PUPPY CART one and the one about the ROLLING STAIRS/THEATRICAL SET.  those are my favorites, and the one about the bathroom , wow.  I amaze myself.  ANYWAY....

here is a link to my blog about work where I will write about working for  you can sue me for INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY when I WRITE MY AWARD WINNING SERIES OF HAIKUS ABOUT STEMWARE....

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