I have moved out of the city and back to the Earth in Pikeville, PA, with the intention of growing a few crops to sell to CSA's and doing a little writing. 

I am always open to conversations about GREEN JOBS.  Me and mother nature go way back.  

I think I would be a  BEET SALES NINJA.
If you are interested, i would love to talk more.

Beets are to Health as I am to bosses.
Beets are to delicious as I am to people.

If you find better analogies in the 600 people who are applying for this job and are not me, go for it, they understand the beet industry job-hunting game better than I do.

Otherwise call me at 610-987-6113..  As you can see by the attached file my eyes dannce with good humor and I WALK the WALK when it comes to healthy lifestyle choices and vegetarian solutions to life's ills. 

Here's the thing.  It is probably silly to expect more than 40 hours a week from me an din my ideal world I am working ten hour days, every other day and then spending my day off in the GARDEN!  maybe sneaking some hours in when the days expand in the summer. 
I am very Numerate ad well as being identified as a genius early on in life. 

I only enter into money arrangements with people who seem to get me.  If you want to chat more let. me know!!!

Of course i will always be available via cell and email to my clients.  The role of supporting the Commercial/account manager is the role i will excel in.  I am very intuitive and can anticipate needs once I have been involved in a system....

i tended bar for 15 years and taught school in the middle of the city for the same amount of time...  that means i KNOW PEOPLE..
You know you need me, you know you want me, let's talk about a fair way to compensate me for my time and get me trained!

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