Here is an email I sent to a dear friend.
 Am I getting old?  how many jobs have i lost due to weighting rugby first in my life?
 Then women, then college, then work?
the "F U i can work anywhere, I am available these days and that's that."

                        Telling the boss what was what.  they want my dynamism?
       rhe corn in the boss management system zit....

my dynamism is available in limited quantities,
on display for three hours at a stretch now...
whether as a guest teacher, a karaoke host, or a rugby dude.....
Capitalists hire me to achieve their avarice soaked wet dreams, schools hire me to inspire, british office supply companies hire me to write hilarious copy on their websites.........


i may shoot over their friday night to catch a load and enjoy the carpet
thanks for the offer
 that would mean doing some kind of work today and it is raining.... 
or early friday morning work

i need to get a check out of the mail and that will be the DECIDER
if it comes TOdaY look for me FRIDAY happyhourish
if not, i will be later

 theres a gig in allentown sat night so saturdays shit faced ness has to take a back seat to my blooming "career"

ive gone the other way so many times.
who knew i would be  a grown up at 50?
“One should respect public opinion insofar as is necessary to avoid starvation and keep out of prison, but anything that goes beyond this is voluntary submission to an unnecessary tyranny.” -Bertrand Russell
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