cook job query letter

Wednesday, April 10, 2013, 3:06 PM

i can char flesh with the best of them
i was a sous chef, i ran a snackbar, i expedited for TGIF and was an in-store trainer there
there is no mystery to the job
i dont want mystery, i need to stack some loot
if 3 or 4 10 hour days a week works for you then I'm your man
i like to chill when its time to chill
but at work I have no ego, i have a "let'sjust a get this shit over with already" mentality
not that i follow them home and crouch in their bushes
but i will create the item to specifications set by the restuarant in a timely manner paying careful sttention to each guests specific instructions as related to me by their waitress or waiter
i also know cpr, so i may just save your life, so be nice to me
my resume tells a tale of woe about careers i have lost
it depresses me
you can see how i feel about sending resumes into the black vortex of the internet here...

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