Crazy Cleaning Company

The office manager has a disorder that there is now pill for so she can be hard to deal with.  An extreme version of Bi-polarity mixed with O.C.D, delusional Senatorial-level Narcissism and binge drinking.  She was a broken woman when she came into the company.  The owner absolutely adores her for some reason because of all the progress she has made.  She loves to give drug tests because her mother was a drug abuser, her wrists are scarred from a trip though the window courtesy of the mother.
The owner talks about "driking the koolaid" unreflectively.  Not knowing about guyana he loves the quote for some reason, maybe i got out of there just in time?
Gun toting salesman, ex-con employees, russian mafia connnected illegal aliens, retards on the payroll, you would think that i would fit right in....

 B.O.O.B.S. magazine-  Be out of business soon?

Bakeowski On Labor Situations.....

Where our intrepid hero goes undercover and investigates why local businesses are going under.

That's it, I am an investigative journalist, looking to expose poor hiring decisions like hiring me from a picture i sent instead of a resume?  well, the letter was great....  she was right about that....

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