Dishwashers wanted

George Orwell washed dishes and wrote a pretty fine book about it.
I'm not inclined to rekindle my banquet waiter job at this time.
I want a job where I can look like a hillbilly
I want an easy job I'm not taking home with me.
I want a job I can walk to.
Do you really want to see a resume for a dishwashing job?
I'd attatch one, but that might ruin positive energy that I have flowing right now.
I just had a great meditation session and my heart is full of gratitude.
II'm really focussed on trying to get some writing done and keeping my lovely hair.
Those are my priorities right now.
Do you really want a resume for a dishwashing job?
On my resume you would find out that I was a schoolteacher for 13 years, that I was in the front lines of illiteracy.
Guess what? Illitereacy won.
Good air in, negative energy out.....
If I sent you a resume there might be questions about why a hot shot, full fledged top gun bartender like myself wants
to wash dishes for a while. I'm finding my path again. I went wrong somewhere, after being a sous chef in high school.
I'll go back t square one and see if I can avoid the mistakes that my resume details.
One failed career after another.
Do you want a philosophical dishwasher?
I would like to be able to work 4 days a week if at all possible.
I do some house-sitting in the summer and I like to spend a few evenings out where the sky is dark and the air is clean
If there was any way to lump 4 long days together weds-sun giving me three days to myself I would be grateful
I dont mind working 10-12 hour days if i can sit down and have a nice big salad and a couple sweet potatoes somewhere in the middle
Run this proposal thru your mental computer.
I could pop over there and would be happy to try one of your beers while we talk about my new job.
I am completely serious about this and would love to get those three days off every week
that would make me a positive workplace asset

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