Friday, November 4, 2016

really trying to hold onto my teaching job in a small mexican town
i pushed my boss, thats what harries do
she is not a dead frog at the bottom of the river
but i showed her my teeth
i tiold her i needed a different level of support
that it was odd how she could critique my teaching methods on hearsay
she asked me if i understood what diegos mother was talking about
i know diego and it should have been about how to fix him
apparently it was about me
recycle much?
thats a comment about someone else
i can't help it if i am cool
if i am in the moment
if i do follow the flow of the language acquisition
when i see a fun way to play with english i pursue it
i sing
i propose million dollar business ideas
i encourage creative homework
so i texted my boss that i was not sure of what diegos mothers credentials were
and that everyone who SAW me teach understood
understood that i was good
that i am good
that i work with the kids on their english level
the incidsent which got my bosses attention was a kid calling me a name
it is not the first time i hgave been called that
maybe i am
the last time i let it go and the neighbors baby daddy broke my lock and gate,
 kicking it and calling me a cabron
she was tormenting him and he was jelly
so i learned the Word
apparently the kid would NEVER lie to her
he would simply tell her what he said
thats the level of trust and rapport they have
in the classic cased of he said she said the kid wins in mexico
i must have made a mistake
she was calling for witnesses who were not forthcoming
not with this dynamic kid leader
he was fighting that good fight
ignorances champion
we dont need no education
and they do not need english here in motul
i GET that
so i have dialed back the sensitivity
and am not a sub par english teacher
with no support
and thats fine
my Little kids are still writing songs and stories
the big ones have lost their window for english language acquisition
just as i have lost my desire to speak spanish
i love my bubble
my bubble of ignorance
life is more fun in the bubble
please don't try to replace my bliss with an alternative
i love my bliss
its peaceful in my bubble
disfruta tu vida!
yo disfruto mi vida

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